Incident Support
Incident Support

Support options
TERASENS offers several options for getting support on our products. Most of our products include free 30-day installation support via e-mail. Please contact or look at the product information pages to see what kind of support is included with your product. Below is a list of all support options:

  • Self-help support using our knowledge-base
    Please have a look at our knowledge-base first. Articles about tips and tricks, common problems and confirmed bugs can be found there.
  • Free installation support via e-mail
    Included with most of our products. Please send your support request to including your complete contact information, serial number and proof of purchase.
    IMPORTANT: This kind of support only includes help regarding setup and installation. You must use one of the other options for all other types of support!
  • Incident support via e-mail or phone
    You must purchase one or more support incidents before submitting an incident. Please contact for purchasing incidents.
    Problems considered as bugs in our products will not be charged!
  • Support contracts
    If you need support on a more regular basis please consider signing a support contract, to get the best service possible and the fastest response times. Fur further information on our support contracts please contact


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