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29.11.2012 07:44

Since the summer from this year we are trying to get in touch with Terasens, either via e-mail or phone.
None of both seems to be possible:
The telephone lines seem to be inoperable/unreachable and when emails are sent to,, and no response is given at all.
We are seriously interested in the software but have some simple questions before the purschase.
If it is so difficult already to get in touch with a selling company during the sales period, what
does this tell about the after sales period?

In any case, it would be nice to get respond tho these questions:

Currently we're trying to test TeraVoice server 2004 in order to determine the product fits our needs.
Unfortunately we are unable to use the Fritz!Card PCI to transfer calls.
We have already send an email to AVM the ask if this is due to the hardware, they say it's not.
Also we have installed the path for DTMF detection problems.

In the between time we have read the your site to find out which is compatible hardware with TeraVoice server.
Could you give a global advice on what would be a good card to be able to use with Teravoice server, in order
to have 8 speech paths and be able to transfer calls? It seems to be difficult to make a choice if you have
not much experience in this field as we do not... We see, e.g. that AVM has a card (the ISDN Controller C4)
with 4 connections an thus 8 channels, but the Eicon Diva Server 4BRI-8M as well; what would be the best choice?

Thanks a lot for your reply in this matter.
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