How to implement the Recording the VOIP Call

How to implement the Recording the VOIP Call Antworten
28.12.2009 11:11 vijayswami1@online.gmail.com

Objective: - To Record VOIP Calls (Calls from Softphones)
Requirements:  1) For incoming call record the call data and save in some file after that If user want to listen it again then he can play.
2)  For outgoing call when user will make a call the call voice conversation should be stores and later user can play it.
        I am using Ninja Lite ,TERASIP SIP SoftPhone. Which uses SIP protocol and TAPI . For signalling (i.e.) Call establishment  SIP Protocol will be used. For media (voice data flow) RTP protocol will be used. I want to record the incoming as well as outgoing call. Ninja Lite  SIP SoftPhone  does not provide this feature. I have TAPI application say xyz.exe (which is NON SIP application ),which is using Ninja Softphone internally for making TAPI calls. Once call will be established then my application will have some option to record the call from Ninja Softphone. So I  want to record incoming calls and outgoing calls. Even sometime i want to use the X-Lite also. How to record the voip calls. Some freely available recording tools are there. But i want to implement myself. Please suggest me how to achieve this.

Doubt: Anybody knows how to achieve the above mentioned requirements?

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