HELP - Multiple Network Services Crashing

HELP - Multiple Network Services Crashing Antworten
18.12.2010 16:29 jamie.evans@online.fcsnetwork.org


Firstly I'd l?ike to give thanks to Terasens for the best SIP TSP available on the market. I do however have a technical issue perhaps someone could guide me in the right direction to resolve.

I am designing a dialer / number crunching application and am using the services of sipgate.co.uk (although I think they're German and well known over there too). I've installed the TSP and configured it to connect to my SIP account with Sipgate.

My application is fully functional and the TSP works great...right until after I restart my system. I'm working on Vista SP2. As soon as my system boots after restart, the Remote Procedure Call service stops working. Upon attempting to access the device provided by the TSP from my application, the Network Location Awareness service stops, shortly followed by the Telephony service.

Here is the details of the error that causes svchost.exe to crash:

Faulting application svchost.exe_Dnscache, version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x47918b89, faulting module RPCRT4.dll, version 6.0.6002.18024, time stamp 0x49f05bcc, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000b223a, process id 0x710, application start time 0x01cb9ecb71dff3f4.

I have isolated the error to something that the presence of TERASIP has to do with as removing the TSP solves the issue.

I suspect that, since to access the internet I have to first log in, enable my wireless adapter with a kotkey which subsequently establishes connectivity, this has something to do with it. Perhaps the TSP is trying to connect to my SIP account on boot without having a route to sipgate.co.uk?

Any ideas anyone? I really don't want to stop using TERASIP as I said earlier, I think its the best on the market.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans
RE: HELP - Multiple Network Services Crashing Antworten
19.12.2010 18:28 jamie.evans@online.fcsnetwork.org

Just to add some further information to the above:

Upon installing the TSP, there are no problems what so ever. If I remove the TSP before shutting down, restart my system, and then install the TSP again once booted then I do not experience any network service errors and TERASIP works great. If however my system boots with TERASIP as an installed driver, it will cause a number of errors that ultimately prevent me from using TERASIP.
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