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29.10.2007 18:47 simon@online.kabbalah.com

We are evaluating your teravoice server 2004 for possible IVR solution for our company.

I would just like to know if I can do this using the teravoice server.
1)        When an incoming call is scan by the server, it will pickup the call id number then
2)        execute a php script in “c:/custom/search.php callerid_number”
3)        pause for 4 seconds while the script picks up the customer record
4)        then play the wav file “c:/custom/playback/callerid_number.wav
If it’s possible, can you give me a sample script on how to do it?
Our free/trial license code is: 2346262367-FR-QS6SG-I7YMZ

Thanks again for your help and hope to hear back from you soon.

simon abejo
Re: teravoice & PHP Antworten
01.11.2007 19:36 TERASENS Support


please have a look at my reply to your other post.

Best regards,

Frank Weber
TERAVoice Support
Augustenstraße 24
80333 Munich, GERMANY
e-mail: info@terasens.com
www:   www.terasens.com

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