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Re: TAPI and Wave Drivers are not installing by Dialogic SR

Re: TAPI and Wave Drivers are not installing by Dialogic SR Antworten
09.06.2005 13:39 TERASENS Support


Dialogic SR 6.0 does not come with a TAPI driver. You need to install


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wrote in message
> Hi,
>     I already asked that teravoice is not detecting the Dialogic card n
somebody asked me to install TAPI And Wave drivers. I installed SR6.0 for
Dialogic D4PCIU. its Configuration Manager detects the board automatically
and also its driver is installed properly.  but its TAPI and Wave drivers
are not installed with it. I also tried to add Tapi drivers but in the TSP
list there is no TAPI drivers for D4PCIU..
> how can i install TAPI and Wav drivers for this board with SR6.0.
> if I Install the SR5.1.1 then this SR does not  install the device driver
properly.. now what should i do to install n configure this dialogic. so
that i may b able to use Tervoice .
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