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Connection Problems with Teravoice client 2004

Connection Problems with Teravoice client 2004 Antworten
01.02.2008 19:24 gijspeskens@online.concepts.nl

I'm having problems getting the client working for teravoice server 2004,
the server is running at a win xp sp2 box the client is at a win xp 64 box
Whenever i try connecting to the server I get an error stating that it is unable to connect, connecting to the share results in access denied, i'm not prompted for a password of any kind.
I tried setting on the server in the security policie that everypone rights rights apply to anonymous users, I made sure that the shares made by teravoice have everyone permissions on them (not the important sec wise files), I created an account on the server matching my username and password on my client machine, all to no avail, anyone who cann help ?

Gijs Peskens
Re: Connection Problems with Teravoice client 2004 Antworten
06.02.2008 20:13 TERASENS Support


sorry for the late reply. The TERAVoice client uses normal
file sharing. We do not have any experience with running the
client on 64Bit Windows.

Please right-click the TVShare folder in the TERAVoice installation
folder and check if it is shared correctly as TERAVoice_0$

If this is correct you can try to connect to \\servername\TERAVoice_0$
from the client computer in Windows explorer.
For testing you can also try if you can access other shares.

On the server itself you can check if it is assigned the file server role
(in case it's 2003) and if the firewall is enabled.

Best regards,

Frank Weber
TERAVoice Support
Augustenstraße 24
80333 Munich, GERMANY
e-mail: info@terasens.com
www:   www.terasens.com

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