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Q10110 - INFO: Service Pack 1 für TERAVoice 2004 ist verfügbar
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Erstellt: 14.04.2005
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Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, daß ServicePack 1 für TERAVoice heute veröffentlicht wurd. ServicePack 1 enthält verschiedene Bugfixes und Verbesserungen. Details finden Sie in den Release Notes.

ServicePack 1 bringt auch Unterstützung für den Einsatz al SIP Gateway. Bitte beachten Sie jedoch, daß hierfür ein separater SIP-Stack benötigt wirde. Bitte wenden Sie sich an sales@terasens.de für weitere Informationen.

ServicePack 1 Download

Die Service Packs für die Free- und die Retail-Versionen können Sie auf der folgenden Seite downloaden:


Das vollständige Installationspaket für SP1 steht auf der folgenden Seite zur Verfügung:


Komplette Installationspakete für Vollversionen mit integriertem Service Pack sind nur für registrierte Nutzer verfügbar. Bitte wenden Sie sich an support@terasens.de, wenn Sie eine solche Version benötigen.

Release Notes for TERAVoice Server 2004 SP1

Monday, 14.4.2005 - Munich, Germany This document contains late-breaking information that didn't make it into the documentation. For more information please visit http://www.terasens.com/support/teravoice 1. Limitations
  • Expiration: This is a release version which never expires
  • Free version: A short (5s) commercial message is played back after connect. The Free version allows 1 line and up to 5 Call Handlers
    Due to licensing restrictions the Free version does not allow outbound calls with CAPI hardware. This also applies to VoIP gateway functionality. Outbound calls with TAPI are still possible, though.
  • Promo version: This version allows 2 lines and up to 10 Call Handlers. The integrated CAPI support is installed in evaluation mode and will expire after 30 days. All non-CAPI devices will continue to work for an unlimited amount of time. (The Promo version is only available to distributors, resellers and the press for review)
  • Retail version: The amount of supported lines and Call Handlers depends on the installed license(s).
2. Supported Telephony Hardware 3. Voice Prompts and Languages
  • This version includes voice prompts in English and German language. More languages are in development and will be available for download soon.
4. Known Problems and missing functionality
  • Software-Bridging between calls requires that the devices between which bridging is done are using the same audio format and are capable of doing full-duplex
  • VoIP gateway functionality is only available with devices that support 8 kHz, 16 Bit audio and full-duplex; this is true for all CAPI based ISDN boards and Dialogic boards with extended support (Dialogic: Retail version only!)
  • Voice Modems do not support full-duplex, so VoIP gateway functionality is currently not possible with voice modems.
  • A future service pack will add support for audio format conversion for VoIP gateway functionality and software-bridging
  • The dialogic TAPI driver is not able to do full-duplex audio, so currently no bridging is possible with dialogic boards in TAPI mode
  • The retail version offers extended support for Dialogic ISDN(only) boards with full-duplex audio and enhanced call control functions - this is not available in the Free version
  • When using VoIP gateway functionality with Windows 2000 there is a delay introduced of up to 1.5s . We are currently working with Microsoft to address this problem. The problem does not occur with WindowsXP and Windows 2003 Server.
5. VoIP Support
  • TERAVoice can act as a VoIP gateway using the H.323 protocol
  • TERAVoice is currently not able to answer calls on H.323 for normal (non-gateway) functionality. If you require this functionality you need to use a CAPI based H.323 stack from a 3rd party. Please take a look at the hardware compatibility list on our website for compatible H.323 stacks.
  • A future service pack will add native H.323 support TERAVoice can act as a SIP gateway with an additional SIP stack which is compatible with TERAVoice, please contact sales@terasens.de.
  • This SIP stack can also be used for normal (non-gateway) operation.
6. Changes from RTM
  • VoIP gateway functionality for SIP (additional SIP stack required)
  • "License expired" message is no longer displayed when opening CAPI configuration. This message did never affect operation in any way.
  • An error occured when using the "Check Update" function. This has been corrected.
  • Forwarding to a call handler when VoIP gateway target does not take the call is working correctly now.
  • Some audio delay problems with H.323 gateway functionality were corrected.
  • The missing voice prompts of the CallDistribution sample are included.
  • When the configured mail-server is unreachable, an endless loop occured in trying to send an e-mail message. This has been corrected.
  • A warning is no longer generated when a greeting message does not have a path specified but exists in the default folder.
  • New MMC files are installed to prevent problems with the administration console on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server
  • Setup does now force a reboot in order to correctly install the wave driver for CAPI boards.
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
7. Changes from RC3
  • The network share ('TERAVoice_0$') is now deleted during uninstall
  • Option to open admin console at end of setup
  • New way to display call handlers in admin console (by assignment)
  • DTMF digits are now forwarded on bridged calls
  • Removed silence compression from bridging component, this had caused scattered audio when background noise was present
  • Improved bridging component for better compatibility and ultra-low latency
  • Bridging has been tested and tuned for Windows 2003
  • The amount of call detail information is now limited to improve performance when using a large number of calls
  • SMS: The number (with dialing rules applied) that is dialed is now displayed in the log
  • Monitor: fixed a problem with a wrong duration on English systems
  • Mailboxes are now directly created when added in the admin console, thus immediately visible to TERAVoice Client
  • Monitor sometimes jumped to the first entry on update - fixed
  • Client: Improved distinction between old and new messages
  • Sample applications: checked and updated all sample applications
  • Fixed a problem when Call Transfer was called from an IVR script
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
8. Changes from RC2
  • Hold/unhold problem when using Waiting Queues was solved
  • Documentation was completed
  • Hardware compatibility list is still missing in the documentation
  • Fixed problem when using 3PTY conference for call recording
  • Check that the WMI services are not disabled
  • Amount of time for starting the TERAVoice service was extended to avoid errors
  • New license types were added (30 and 60 lines and large CallHandler upgrade licenses)
  • Prevent sending notification when remote control mode was entered
  • CallHubTracking was not compatible with Dialogic -> Disabled
  • H.323 calls: Unreachability action is no executed correctly
  • There now are "New" and "Saved" messages for remote control access
  • Transmitting a large amount of CallDetails to the Monitor is now prohibited to save performance
  • License and configuration options are now saved into different files
  • XP themes support has been improved
  • Added CD-Browser
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
9. Changes from RC1
  • The list of predefined SMS and Paging Services has been updated and expanded
  • Support for analog boards from www.callurl.com
  • Improved activation procedure
  • Completed remote control mode for recording voice prompts via telephone Client application is significantly improved.
  • H.323: Outgoing MSN can be set
  • H.323: Calling via gateway/gatekeeper is now supported
  • H.323: Identification of H.323 users with gateway/gatekeeper
  • Text-to-Speech playback has been changed to same mode as audio file playback
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
10. Changes from Beta 3
  • TERAVoice Client Application is now included
  • Plugin-Interface for reverse number lookup
  • Active Directory number lookup plugin
  • Filtering of the call log and the event log
  • German Documentation
  • Documentation is now missing just a few minor topics
  • Improved H.323 functionality
  • Extended API documentation
  • Improved Call Transfer functionality
  • Option for prefixing callerID numbers (for ISDN)
  • Improved Waiting Queue functionality
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
11. Changes from Beta 2
  • Activation via E-Mail
  • H.323 Call Handlers
  • Extended API interfaces
  • Scheduled Execution of IVR Scripts
  • Outbound call functionality
  • Improved waiting queue functionality
  • Improved call transfer functionality
  • H.323 agents in waiting queues enabled
  • Extended waiting queue features
  • Call Handler assignment tester (right-click call handlers node)
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes
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  • TERAVoice Server 2004
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